Painting the facade – five smart tips

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There are several things make it easier to succeed when painting the facade. Here are five smart tips to make a difference.

  1. Avoid painting in direct sunlight

    Platinum lång vinkelpensel måla husvägg

    You should never paint on a hot wall or in direct sunlight. The paint dries too quickly, does not have time to adhere properly and therefore does not protect the facade as it should. Avoiding warm walls is especially important if you are using oil paint. The primer must have time to penetrate the wood before it dries.

  2. The right tools make the job smoother

    You’ll need at least two brushes: a wide outdoor brush that absorbs a lot of paint, so you don’t have to dip over and over again, and a long angled brush for all those hard-to-reach areas. If you paint with the traditional swedish “Rödfärg” (distemper/red paint), you need a special brush for this type of paint.

    Read more about how to paint with Distemper here: Painting rödfärg – how to, step by step.


    Choose the width of the brush according to the width of the panel. If the brush covers the entire width of the panel, the job will be easier and faster.
    Platinum fasadpensel på förlängningsskaft

    An extension pole for better reach and working posture is a good product that makes work easier.

  3. Scrape and clean the facade before painting

    Skrapning av fasad inför husmålning

    The facade must be clean, dry and solid when you paint. Moisture and dirt cause the paint to crack and flake. Read more about how to scrape and clean the facade here: Wash the facade – how to, step by step.

  4. The wooden facade needs to be primed

    Grundmåla ändträ med spackel och lackpensel

    If you scraped the facade so the wood is visible during the preparation, it needs to be impregnated with base oil. Keep a wide filling knife under the brush when painting the wood to protect the house foundation from splashes.

  5. Warm the paint before scraping

    Oil and acrylic paints are easier to scrape off if you first heat them with an IR lamp. IR lamps are available for rent in most paint stores. Always have a fire extinguisher handy – cardboard and shavings in the insulation can catch fire if the heat gets too high. Avoid heating latex paint, as it becomes sticky and more difficult to scrape off.

    Do you want a perfect result and a facade that lasts as long as possible? Watch our instructional video on facade painting: Painting houses – how to, step by step.