Tips - Paint the house in half the time

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Painting your house may seem like a big task, but it can be done faster than you think. Here are four tips that will save you minutes and hours.

  1. Paint with roller

    The brush is the classic tool for painting the facade. With a roller, you’ll get a lot more paint, so you can cover larger areas before you have to dip into the roller tray again. Smooth over with a brush over gaps, for example, to get an even and covering layer of paint.

  2. Use a extension handle

    An extension pole allows you to reach further, and reducing the need to move a ladder around. It also provides better ergonomics and makes the work for the body mor gentle. A tip is also to use our 2-in-1 angled outdoor brush, which allows you to reach 50% further and avoid moving the ladder as often.

  3. Choose good tools

    Whether you paint with a roller or a brush, it pays to choose a high-quality product. You’ll get better paint pick-up and coverage, and you will save time with fewer dips in the paint bucket. The quality also makes it easier to get the right paint thickness on the facade.

  4. Plan ahead

    Plan the work and make sure that you have all painting tools at home to avoid extra trips to the shop during the work. Small details can also save time, such as a bucket holder that keeps the paint at a convenient distance when you’re standing on the ladder. If there are two of you painting, the pace increases even more. Two brushes work twice as fast, and if you choose to have one person roll and one person use a brush for smoothing, it’s even faster.