Paint wooden facade – how to, step by step

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Time to repaint the house? In order to successfully paint the facade, you need to be very thorough with the preparatory work. In addition, the wood must be clean and dry, so that the paint adheres. Our step-by-step guide will help you succeed in everything from preparation to painting, so you get a house facade that lasts for a long time.


Step by Step

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    Prep work
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    Prep work

    Washing the facade

    Before you start painting your house, it’s important to do a good preparation. Therefore, start by washing the facade thoroughly with a paint or mould remover. Then let the wood dry.

    Mögeltvätt innan målning av husfasad
    Tvättborste som rengör fasad innan målning av hus


    There several types of paint scrapers for facade. Read our guide to choosing the right model: Scraping the facade - choose the right paint scraper.
    Scraper with hammerhead

    Scraping and sanding

    Look over the facade and scrape off loose flaking paint with a paint scraper, and sand away any splinters that appeared after the scraping using a sandpaper.

    Skrapning av fasad inför husmålning
    Slipning av fasad med sandpapper inför husmålning

    Fill in the cracks

    Seal any cracks and gaps in the wood.

    Cover and mask

    Cover and mask all surfaces that are not to be painted. Make sure to use products that are suitable for outdoor use.

    Tätar springor och sprickor i träet inför måla husfasad
    Täcker för marken innan målning av husfasaden
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    Painting wooden surfaces

    After scraping, wood grain surfaces may appear – that is, the surfaces that you have scraped or sanded. These need to be primed to better protect the wood from moisture.


    Keep a wide filling knife under the brush when painting the end grain to protect the house foundation from paint splashes.
    Bredspackel 25 cm
    Grundmålning av fasad innan målning av hus

    Let dry

    Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step: topcoating.

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    Now it’s time to start painting the facade! Paint the entire facade, including the primed surfaces. Start with the panel first and finish with the lining and the corners of the house.

    Remember to choose a brush that matches the width of the wood panel. Read our guide to choosing the right model: Paint the facade – choose the right brush. Also, make sure to paint with a quality brush to ensure the best protection for the facade. A good brush ensures a thick and even coat and has many smart features to make the job easier.


    Our Platinum outdoor brush includes an airtight cap that keeps the paint moist for up to 2 weeks. Perfect if you need to take both short and long breaks.
    Platinum vinklad fasadpensel med förvaringsask som används till att måla hus
    Bred fasadpensel som målar på hus

    Use a lot of paint

    Use a lot of paint in the brush and work it onto the facade, and let the paint dry thoroughly, before painting the final coat. And don’t forget to use a extension pole. You’ll get a better reach, can work faster and avoid climbing ladders unnecessarily.

    Wait for the right weather

    Avoid painting if the wood is hot or in direct sunlight. This causes the paint to dry too quickly and may cause flaking.

    Also remember to wash the facade every year. This will give you better protection from weather and wind.