Renovating windows – tips that make a difference

Painting windows always requires some preparatory work. For a good end result, you first need to renovate the windows by oiling, sanding and replacing the putty. Here are some smart tips to help you avoid the most common pitfalls when painting windows.

  1. Choose tools with precision

    Use the Platinum Precision Window Brush or Platinum Oval Brush when painting on edges and next to the window glass. This gives you better precision and control. Mask with tape to get really sharp edges and avoid paint splashes on the glass. Do you want more tips on the preparation and painting? Watch our instructional video on painting windows.

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  2. Scrape out seams and joints

    If the window frame has been painted several times before, you will need to scrape out seams and joints before repainting. Otherwise the paint layer will be too thick. Use a small paint scraper for extra precision. Remember to let the paint dry thoroughly before closing the window.

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  3. Keep moisture out

    Make sure the glass and putty are intact before painting. Otherwise, moisture will penetrate and your painting work will be for nothing. Read more about how to putty windows here: Putty windows – how to, step by step.

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