The benefits of facade painting

A freshly painted facade is beautiful to look at. But do you know how much the paint can affect the value of the house? Or the resilience of the facade? Let us tell you more.

  1. Facade painting raises the price

    Platinum lång vinkelpensel måla husvägg

    According to a survey conducted by swedish Skandiamäklarna, which asked estate agents to estimate the value of various renovations prior to the sale of a home. The final price of a normal-sized villa was then estimated to increase by SEK 75,000-100,000 if the facade was repainted (national average). Of all the renovation types, façade painting and re-roofing were the factors considered to increase the value of the house the most.

    However, you may not need to paint the facade before the showing. Sometimes washing the house is enough to make it look freshly painted. Whether you are selling or not, the house is best served by an annual wash, which can postpone the painting of the facade for several years.

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  2. Thorough preparation increases longevity

    Grundmåla ändträ med spackel och lackpensel

    Rain, wind, sun and snow – the forces of the weather affect the facade all year round. A common mistake is to wait too long before repainting. With a thorough preparation and repainting, the facade will have longer durability and greater resistance to rot and other infestations. Impregnate with primer oil if you have scraped all the wood during preparation and don’t forget the end grain, where moisture can easily be absorbed into the facade.

  3. Washing keeps the mould away

    Tvätta husfasad med tryckspruta

    Mould on the facade does not look pretty, but is usually not a cause for panic. However, be sure to wash the facade regularly to remove the mould. If left too long, it increases the risk of decay fungi damaging the wood.

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