Paint in the right weather

Can I paint in direct sunshine? What is the right temperature for an outdoor painting project? Frequently asked questions that are important to answer before you pick up the brush and get started.

  1. Temperature

    A period of dry weather and even temperatures is always preferable, especially if you have a large painting project. A basic rule for outdoor painting is that the temperature should not fall below 7-8 degrees at any time of the day.

  2. Sun

    Never paint in direct sunlight. The paint dries too quickly and does not have time to adhere properly to the surface. Cloudy days provide the best conditions, but it is possible to paint the facade when the sun is shining if you follow the sun’s path and paint the part that is in the shade. However, wait a while if the surface is still hot from the sun.

  3. Moisture

    The surface to be painted should be cool and dry. The moisture content of wood should not be higher than 16% and if you want to be sure, many paint stores have a moisture meter available for loan.

  4. Finish on time

    Is there a risk of frost or dew during the night? Make sure to finish the work in good time so that the paint can dry properly before the temperature drops.