Store brushes between strokes

But what do you do with brushes and rollers so that the paint in the tools doesn’t dry before it’s time to paint again?

  1. Store the brush when you take lunch.

    The painting project is rolling along, but suddenly it’s time to pause for lunch or for the night. To prevent your painting tools from drying out in the meantime, you need to store them effectively:

    – Use a plastic bag
    Make sure your brush or roller has plenty of paint. Wrap it in a plastic bag and make sure it closes tightly.

    – Use a brush with storage box
    Platinum Angled Outdoor Brush and Platinum Precision brush

    PLatinum vinklad fasadpensel förvaringsask
  2. Clean during longer breaks

    Keep the wrapped painting tool cool. When you start painting again, you have a brush/roller that is soft and nice. Don’t forget that brushes should never be stored upright, as this can damage the brush. If you know that it will be several days before you continue painting, we recommend that you clean the tool instead.