Brush school – choose the right brush

Which brush to choose? Different types of brushes have different characteristics and compositions that make them particularly suitable for different types of painting projects. By choosing the right type of brush, you get smoother work and a better final result. We help you find the right one in our brush school!

  1. Flat brush

    Flat brushes are specially adapted for painting for example, doors and indoor woodwork. You can choose between either a classic straight flat brush or a angled cut. An angled flat brush has an angled filament that makes it easier to see and control how the brush lies against the surface and is therefore preferred when you need a little more precision in your painting.

    Flat brushes are also available in many different sizes so that you can easily adapt the width of the brush to the surface you are going to paint on. If you want to paint on larger, flat surfaces, a wide flat brush is recommended, and if you want to paint on smaller surfaces or a surface with a lot of detail, you should choose one with a smaller width.

    You will find guides on how to paint different types of indoor woodwork here: Paint indoor woodwork

    Different quality levels

    Our brushes are divided into three different quality levels: Basic, Elite and Platinum. Read more about our different brush series here: A better paint brush makes a difference.
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  2. Angle brush

    Angled brushes have a unique angle that gives you better visibility and helps when you have to paint in corners and other hard-to-reach surfaces. Angle brushes are available as both short and long. Long angled brushes/radiator brushes have a longer handle, which means you can reach better when you need to paint high or low, or just when you need extra reach. A radiator brush is therefore good as a complement to your roller or outdoor brush when you have to paint along edges, corners or moldings. It therefore works well for projects both inside and outside. A short angle brush has a shorter handle and is well suited for indoor painting, for example for painting different types of indoor woodowrk and along mouldings and door frames when painting walls and ceiling.

    Angled brushes are often a favorite of many professional painters as the angle gives you better power in painting and saves on wrists and arms.

    You will find guides on projects where the angle brush is particularly suitable here: Paint walls, Paint ceiling, Paint facade

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  3. Outdoor brush

    Just as you can hear in the name, outdoor brushes are used when you need to repaint outdoors, example your wooden house facade or fence. As is well known, house facades are large and the surface is often tough for a brush. Therefore, our outdoor brushes have significantly greater thickness than “ordinary brushes”. This makes outdoor brushes more durable and picks up much more paint.

    If you have a lid batten on your panel, also remember that it is important that you choose a brush that fits between the battens.

    You will find a guide on how to paint your wooden facade here: Paint facade


    Use an extension pole to save both time and your back!
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  4. Precision brush

    A precision brush is used when you have to paint smaller surfaces that require a lot of precision and sharp edges. Our Platinum Precision brush is designed with a TriTech™ technology which provides perfectly straight lines, corners and details. The brush is also delivered with an airtight storage case that protects the triangular brush head and also make a paint-dipped brush last three days without drying.

    Read more about the brush here: Platinum Precision

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  5. Oval brush

    The oval brush is specially designed for detail work. A suitable choice for windows, doors and indoor woodwork where you need to paint with precision, but still need to get a little more paint with each dip.

    You will find guides on how to paint different types of indoor woodwork here: Paint indoor woodwork

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  6. Wood care brush

    Wood oil brushes are used to oil the terrace, facade or wooden outdoor furniture. Anza Elite wood care brush helps to get a thin and even layer, which minimizes the risk of cracks in the paint. It also works well as a complement to our 2-in-1 terrace tool for getting into corners, crevices and hard-to-reach details.

    You will find guides on how to treat your terrace and outdoor furniture here: Treat terrace

  7. Round brush

    The round brush is narrow and round-shaped, which gives an even and fine result without drips and smudges. The shape makes it optimal for painting, for example, beams or profiles.