Paint walls – how to, step by step

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Time to freshen up your home with new paint on the walls? By painting the wall with both brush and roller, you get an even and fine result. We’ll help you do the job, step by step.

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Step by Step

  1. 1
    Prep work
  2. 2
    Paint along mouldings and in corners
  3. 3
    Paint with a roller
  1. 1

    Prep work

    Think about it!

    If you are painting both the ceiling and the walls, make sure you paint the ceiling first. You can find our guide on how to do this here: Paint ceilings - How to, step by step

    Cover the floor and wash the wall

    Before you start, put masking paper on the floor to protect against paint splashes. Also wash away dirt and grease from the wall so that the paint adheres properly.

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    Masking tape

    Then make sure to mask off any skirting boards and door frames that are not to be painted. If there are gaps between the skirting board and the wall, you can put decorators caulk over the gaps and then smooth it out with a moistened finger.

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    Scrape off loose paint

    If there is loose paint on the wall, scrape it off. Then lightly sand the scraped surfaces with sandpaper.

    Are you going to paint over a wallpaper? Read our guide here: Painting on wallpaper – how to, step by step.

    Filling holes and unevenness.

    Fill in any screw holes and roughness. Once the spackle has dried, you can sand the wall smooth.

    Need more help with spackle? You can find our tips & guides here: Plastering


    A small flexible filling knife available in several different widths. Ideal for filling small holes and irregularities.
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    Now it’s time to take out the brush and start painting!

  2. 2

    Paint along mouldings and in corners

    Start painting with a brush along mouldings and in corners. Then switch to mini rollers and paint the same areas again. Do the same around switches and sockets. The aim is to give you an even coverage and texture across the entire wall.

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    Now it’s time for the real fun – roller cover painting.

  3. 3

    Paint with a roller

    Paint the rest of the wall with a roller. Make sure you have plenty of paint in the roller and remember to finish one wall at a time, so that the paint dries evenly over the whole wall. Don’t paint across the wall, but paint vertically in long strokes, otherwise the result can be flamey and streaky. Also make sure to put the roller on an extension pole. This gives you better reach and a more comfortable working position.

    When the paint has dried, paint again. Done!


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