Paint windows – how to, step by step

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When painting windows, the preparatory work is just as important as the paint itself. Wash, scrape, sand, prime and putty thoroughly before picking up your paintbrush, and you can be sure your windows will look great and last for a long time. Our step-by-step guide will help you do each step correctly and in the right order.

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Step by Step

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    Prep work
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    Prep work

    Check that the wood is dry

    Before you start painting, the window needs to be sufficiently dry. Check the moisture of the wood with a moisture meter. The moisture should not exceed 16%.

    kontrollera fukt innan måla fönster

    Scrape and paint the fittings

    If the window has corner brackets, unscrew them. Scrape off any loose paint with a paint scraper or wire brush, then paint them with anticorrosive paint. Follow the instructions on the paint can.

    skrapa beslag innan måla fönster
    måla beslag innan måla fönster

    Remove the sealing strips

    Remove old weatherstripping from the window.

    Wash the window frames

    Wash the window frames with algae and mould remover. Remove loose or cracked putty with a knife or a flexible filling knife. Be careful not to crack the glass.

    tvätta fönsterbåge innan måla fönster
    ta bort kitt innan måla fönster

    Scrape off loose paint

    Scrape off loose paint with a paint scraper and wipe off dust with a dry cloth.


    Use a small scraper on the smaller areas to access details.
    Small scraper with holster
    renovera fönster genom att skrapa
    skrapa fönster innan måla fönster

    Add oil

    Oil all the wooden surfaces of the window frames – that is, all the surfaces you just have scraped. Put extra oil on the end grain and also oil the putty seam, i.e. the area of the window sash where the putty will lie.

    Let dry

    Let the oil dry according to the instructions on the can.

    olja innan måla fönster

    Sand away fibre breakage

    When the wood becomes damp from water or oil, the wood fibres can rise, making the surface feel rough and prickly. So when the wood is completely dry, sand away any fibres that have risen with a fine sandpaper.

    Slipa bort fiberresning vid måla fönster
    Dammtorka slipdamm vid måla fönster
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    Painting window frames and putty seams

    Prime the window frames thoroughly. Paint in the putty seam as well and let the paint dry thoroughly. In the next step, it is time to apply putty.

    grundmåla innan måla fönster
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    Use a caulking gun

    Apply new putty with a caulking gun. Cut off the nozzle of the fog sprayer at a 45 degree angle and place the nozzle against the sealant neck.


    Also fill any gaps and cracks in the window frame with putty or wood filler.
    händer skär av munstycke

    Start in a corner

    Start in one corner and spread the putty in an even flow. Make sure that the gap for putty is properly filled. Smooth the surface and remove excess putty with the putty knife. Allow the putty to dry on the surface before proceeding with masking.

    kitta innan måla fönster
    Jämna ut kitt när kitta fönster
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    Now it’s time to mask the glass. Use masking tape for outdoor use. Place the tape about a millimetre from the edge of the putty, so that the paint will cover the putty and a small part of the glass when you paint. This prevents water from penetrating between the glass and the putty.

    maskera innan måla fönster
    Maskera glaset med utomhustejp

    Finish by screwing back the corner brackets. Then it’s time to paint.

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    Use plenty of paint

    Apply plenty of paint to the window frames. Be careful not to drip on the glass.


    Use outdoor paint for the outside of the window and indoor paint for the inside, as well as for the space between the outside and inside. This gives the window the best possible protection against moisture and condensation. Windows are less insulated than other parts of the façade and are more affected by the differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures. Talk to your paint retailer for help in choosing the right colour.
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    Use different brushes

    Use a wider brush for large areas and a smaller brush for crevices and details. Let the paint dry.

    Måla fönster

    Paint one more time

    Paint once more to get a really even coverage.

    Måla fönster

    Remove the tape

    Remove the masking tape before the paint has dried completely.

    ta bort maskeringstejp från fönster

    Done! Now you have windows that will stay beautiful for years to come.