A better paintbrush makes a difference

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Are you planning to paint and wondering why you should choose a better paint brush? A higher quality brush helps you save time, is gentler on your body and gives you a better end result. Anza offers high-quality paint brushes in three different quality levels: Basic, Elite and Platinum. In this article, we describe each series and help you find the right level for you and your painting project.

  1. Anza Platinum

    Platinum is Anza’s absolute best choice of paint brush. The extremely durable brushes are developed for you who demand the highest quality and finish. The brushes are ergonomically designed, which reduces the risk of strain injuries. The brushes do not shed bristles and have a filament that gives superior capacity and coverage, which means that you both get a perfect end result and save time since you get more paint in the brush.

    And unlike our other brush ranges, our Platinum brushes are specifically designed for precision painting and have finer top bristles, giving a really nice, smooth surface and sharp edges.

    What brush?

    There are several different types of brushes in all our brush series. We help you find the right one for your particular project in our guide: Brush school – choose the right brush
    Platinum-pensel målar på snickerier
  2. Anza Elite

    Elite are our all-round brushes for you who want a really good result. It’s our broadest brush range, with the most brush types, in the most sizes, for the most types of painting jobs. The paintbrushes leave no bristles and give a very fine finish, and have a very high paint pick-up. The brushes also have comfortable and easy-grip handles so your body will be able to paint longer. However, if you want to finish faster or require a superior end result, we recommend choosing a Platinum brush.

    Elite lackpensel som målar på trä
  3. Anza Basic

    Basic are good paintbrushes for the slightly simpler painting jobs. They do not release bristles and have easy-to-grip handles. However, if you are going to paint a lot, or place slightly higher demands on the end result, we recommend that you instead choose one of our Elite or Platinum brushes, which are ergonomically designed and have better filaments.

    Kvinna som målar en kruka med en Basic-målarpensel