Five myths about painting

The brush has no effect on the end result and rollers are only used indoors. Or? We take a closer look at five common claims about painting.

  1. 1. The result when painting is the same regardless of whether I use a simple brush or a quality brush

    WRONG. A really good brush offers many advantages when painting. You get a more comfortable grip, better paint capacity, better coverage and a finer finish. Take good care of the brush after finishing work, and you save both time and money, and get a better end result compared to wear and tear brushes.

  2. 2. The preparatory work and cleaning of the surface to be painted or wallpapered is not so important

    WRONG. With a surface that is clean and even, the work goes easier and you get a result that stays nice for longer. You don’t run the risk of the paint or wallpaper coming off the surface, or of dirt stains and other flaws bleeding through.

  3. 3. Regardless of the task, I can use the same type of brush and/or rollers that I always use

    WRONG. Which painting tool(s) you need to get a good result and smooth work depends entirely on what you are going to paint. There are brushes that are specially adapted for, for example, interior woodwork, walls or windows. The same applies to rollers, which have different designs depending on whether you are going to paint on rough, medium fine or extra fine surfaces.

  4. 4. I don't need an extension handle when painting large surfaces

    WRONG. Painting large surfaces can be exhausting. But by using a extension handle for the roller, you get a significantly gentler working position and a smoother work. Also, be sure to take breaks if you have a lot to paint.

  5. 5. Rollers are something that you only use indoors

    WRONG. Rollers are an excellent tool for outdoors and make the job much faster when, for example, you oil the terrace or paint the facade.