Scrape facade – choose the right paint scraper

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You can gain a lot of time and efficiency by choosing the right paint scraper for your facade. Want to fix large surfaces without wearing yourself out, reach high without climbing – or maybe just have a handy all-round scraper? Here are our top three tips.

  1. Anza paint scraper for the facade

    Vässa blad färgskrapa

    This paint scraper is a smooth all-round scraper that gives you good power. The blade can be turned and moved, and sharpened to renew the sharpness. Choose from three different widths for best efficiency and access.

    – Reversible insert, laterally movable
    – Available in three widths: 30/50/65 mm
    – Easy to grip handle

  2. Anza two-handed scraper

    tvåhandsskapa fasad

    Optimal ergonomics for those tough scraping jobs. With the two-handed grip, you get a lot of force against the surface and thus higher efficiency. The angle also protects your knuckles. With the hammer head and nail puller, you already have the right tool in your hand when you come across nails that need fixing.

    – Sharp and sturdy scraper with carbide blade
    – Hammer head and nail puller
    – Ergonomic handle with two-hand grip

  3. Anza scraper with hammer head

    Färgskrapa färlängningsbar

    Easy-grip handle and sharp carbide blade that reaches right to the edge make work easier. For extra reach, you can mount the paint scraper on an extension pole and avoid balancing on a ladder.

    – Sharp scraper with hammer head
    – Easy to grip and extendable handle
    – 2 carbide inserts included
    – Hammer head can be easily unscrewed for tight spaces

  4. Triangular scraper

    Scraper with a comfortable, ergonomic grip that reduces hand fatigue. The blade has three edges, one of which is convex, making it easier to scrape off loose paint on hard-to-reach surfaces. Has a long handle that helps you work more easily on large surfaces and transfers the power from your arm straight out to the surface.

    – Effectively scrapes away loose paint while protecting the wood from cracks
    – Easy to grip, long ergonomic handle
    – Accessing hard-to-reach areas

    Read more about how to scrape the facade here: Washing and scraping the facade – how to, step by step.