Painting outdoors – Professional tips from Magnus

Our painting pro Magnus shares his best tricks for a successful outdoor painting job.

  1. Three common mistakes

    1. Too little paint. Many people skimp on paint. But outdoors, a good coat of paint is needed to give the wood good protection.

    2. Sloppy with the end grain. The end grain needs to be oiled before painting to prevent it from absorbing moisture. Then apply several coats of paint so that the lower part of the facade is properly protected

    3. Bad tape. Always use quality masking tape for outdoor use. Bad tape leaves glue residues that can be difficult to remove, for example from window trim.

  2. A good prep work

    75% preparation 25% painting

    A small rule of thumb, especially for older material, is that up to 75% of the time should be spent on preparatory work and 25% on the main task, painting.
    – If you do the opposite, it won’t help that you have a perfect finish on the painting, and it will affect the result quite quickly.

  3. Magnus favourites

    Platinum vinklad fasadpensel måla hus

    -When it comes to brushes, I really prefer angled brushes. The angle gives better power in painting and you save your wrists and arms. For oiling wood, a wood care brush is a good tip. It works the oil into the wood properly.