Oil wooden deck – four main tools

With really good tools, you’ll get the job done faster and more efficiently. In addition, the end result is better and the wooden deck stays nice for a long time. Here we give you tips on the tools that will help you succeed when oiling wooden decks.

Here is a guide on how to oil your wooden deck in the best way: oil the terrace – how to, step by step

  1. A pure necessity

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    Cleaning is important before oiling the wooden deck for a good result. A durable terrace scrubbing brush gives you the upper hand in the fight against ingrained dirt and old wood oil.

  2. Your extended arm

    With the extra reach, you can sand and treat the wood deck faster, while sparing your body. The extension pole can be combined with most tools and is an asset in all types of painting projects.

  3. Works wonders for the surface

    The 2-in-1 terrace tool contains everything you need to give your wooden deck a truly barefoot-friendly surface. First sand away any imperfections with the sanding tool and then switch smoothly to the application pad, which ensures a thin and even layer of oil. Combine with an extension pole, and the job is more efficient than ever.

  4. Full coverage in every corner

    This brush is specially designed for oiling and glazing wooden decks, facades and outdoor furniture. Requires fewer dips thanks to high paint absorption and provides a thin, even coat, minimising the risk of paint cracking. Of course, it has stainless steel ferrule and is extendable.