Oil wood – tips that make a difference

Our checklist will help you oil the wood on your terrace correctly and get a really good result.

  1. Be thorough with the preparatory work

    tvätta altan med altanverktyg

    Start by scrubbing the wood to get rid of dirt, algae and old oil. Use a terrace scrubbing brush, terrace detergent and water. If your terrace is very dirty or has been affected by mould or algae, you need to use algae and mould cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and leave to dry. The surface then needs to be sanded to remove fibre residue. splinters and other irregularities. It’s a must for a neat and barefoot-friendly result.

    Here’s how to clean your terrace for the best results: Clean your terrace – step by step.

  2. Be careful with the pressure washer

    A pressure washer is effective for removing dirt, but the jet can damage the surface of the wood if the pressure is too high. Remember to keep the nozzle a little away from the surface to avoid water being pressed into the wood and damaging the surface.

  3. Wipe off excess oil

    If you oil the patio, it is important to wipe off any excess oil to avoid a stained and sticky surface. For best results, apply the oil in thin layers with a brush or application pad suitable for oil and glaze.

  4. Protect sensitive surfaces

    Skydda altanen med täckplast

    Be sure to protect the house facade, plants and other objects with plastic sheeting before washing the terrace. Some detergents can etch surfaces such as glass and aluminium and are therefore particularly important to cover. Read the recommendations on the packaging.

  5. Keep an eye on the weather

    Avoid oiling the surfaces in strong sunlight. The sun allows the oil to dry before it has had time to penetrate into the wood. Also, don’t start oiling too late in the evening, as there is a risk that the dew will settle on the surface before it has time to dry.

  6. Choose the right tool

    Altanverktyg med förlängningsskaft

    Anza’s new terrace tool is all you need to oil your patio, with a sanding plate and application pad attached to the same tool. The pad ensures a thin, even layer and can also be used for glazing and other similar wood terrace treatments. Combine the terrace tool with an extension pole, and it’s really easy to get a barefoot-friendly result.

    Here’s how to treat your terrace: Treat your terrace – step by step.