Oil, glaze or silicon treatment

What you choose depends on how often you want to repeat the treatment and what options you want in terms of colours. For all treatments, a terrace scrubber is a wise investment for annual maintenance.

  1. Oil wood

    Olja, lasyr eller kisel?

    The classic that is still the most widely used treatment. Wood oil is intended for annual treatment and prevents drying out and cracking. The oil also makes the surface water-repellent and thus easier to maintain. It is possible to break in different colors, mainly in gray or brown, which gives a darker appearance. Annual maintenance is required and before new oil is applied, the old oil should be removed with a pressure washer.

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  2. Glaze wood

    Olja, lasyr eller kisel?

    More and more people are choosing terrace glazes, which provide stronger protection than oil – around 3-5 years with annual maintenance. The pigment protects the surface from UV degradation and the number of possible colors is large. To keep the glaze looking good for a long time, wash with an algae and mildew remover that does not contain bleach.

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  3. Treat with silicon

    Olja, lasyr eller kisel?

    The silica treatment is carried out in different stages and can last up to ten years with proper care and annual maintenance. The treatment bleaches the patio and gives it a light silver-gray finish. The silicon treatment makes the surface resistant to dirt, water and protects against UV rays.