Plastering – three smart tips

To plaster before painting, you need good tools and the right instructions. And make sure you’re aware of some common pitfalls.

  1. Avoid plastering in patches or only in joints on a textured wallpaper

    If you plaster in spots or only in the joints of e.g. textured wallpaper you get small smooth areas mixed with patterned areas. Plastering the whole wall instead, or tear off all the wallpaper before plastering.

  2. Use an adequate amount of plaster in one round

    Använd två spacklar vid bredspackling

    When too much plaster is used at once, the wall may be raised and the sanding process becomes more tedious.

  3. Pre-glue or prime after plastering

    If you don’t pre-glue or paint on the plaster, you risk it absorbing the wallpaper adhesive and the wallpaper will not stick well. It may therefore be important to paint over the plastered area before wallpapering.