Wallpaper tools – the complete checklist

With careful planning, wallpapering will be easier and you reduce the risk of making mistakes. Our checklist contains the tools you need for a successful result – everything from paperhanging tearing rulers and roller sets to paperhanging knives and paperhanging tool.

  1. Paperhanging tool

    Fäst tapet i hörn

    Used to smooth out bubbles and creases in the wallpaper. Gentle on the wallpaper and fits well in the hand. Suitable for both paper and non-woven wallpapers and glass fibre fabrics.

  2. Paperhanging knife with holster

    Skär tapet

    Used to cut sharp wallpaper edges against mouldings. Adjustable blade for perfect cutting length and adjustment of overlaps on doors and mouldings. A good grip ensures that the knife is always firmly in your hand.

  3. Roller set

    Used to apply wallpaper paste. Includes roller, frame and tray – everything you need to get an even coat of wallpaper paste.

  4. Paperhanging scissor

    Used to cut wallpaper around electrical outlets and switches, for example. Good grip for both right- and left-handers. The stainless steel blade stays sharp for years and gives perfectly sharp edges when cutting wallpaper, fabric and cloth.

  5. Radiator brush

    Limma tapet vid fönster

    Used to apply wallpaper paste where the roller cannot reach. The extra long handle gives extra reach and the angled brush head provides good access in nooks and crannies. Very good for all types of paints, glazes and oils and on all substrates.

  6. Wash-down sponge

    Tvätta tapet med svamp

    Used to wipe off glue residue from wallpaper and mouldings. Durable with high absorbency and effective against dust, dirt, stains and grease. Provides a thorough cleaning of the surface.


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  7. Paperhanging tearing ruler

    Used for trimming scales on the wallpaper table. 60 cm long ruler with easy-grip edge and angled steel edge that makes it easy to get close with the knife. Stainless steel blade, which prevents rust stains on the wallpaper.

  8. Paperhanging cutting block and paperhanging ruler

    Used together to cut wallpaper to the correct length and width. The edges of the paperhanging cutting block fit into the grooves of the paperhanging ruler.

  9. Extension pole

    Limma tapetlim med roller

    Combine with wide filling knifes, brushes and many other tools to extend the reach by 115-197 cm. Features an easy-grip rubber handle and a smart click system that makes it easy to switch between tools.

  10. Masking tape

    Stryka tapetlim med pensel

    Provides fine paint edges and can stay on for 7 days without leaving adhesive residue.

  11. Plumb bob

    Makes it easier to set the wallpaper strips straight. A good alternative to water passes because gravity makes the string hang perfectly straight.