Paint staircase – how to, step by step

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A staircase does more than just take us up and down. It is often placed in a way that gives it an important role in the interior. We’ll show you how to prepare and paint a staircase in a way that will keep the result looking good for a long time.

4 days

Step by Step

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    Prep work
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    Prep work

    Before it’s time to start painting the stairs, a little preparation is needed. Start by washing all surfaces that will be painted with paint detergent. Be thorough in corners and in different angles. Let dry. Then scrape off any unevenness and loose paint with a paint scraper and sand the surface to make the paint stick better. Then wipe off the sanding dust with a microfiber cloth.

    Slipa trappa innan målning

    If you are painting a wooden surface, all knots should be painted with knot varnish, otherwise there is a high risk that the knots will bleed through after some time. Once you have painted, you will need to fill in any uneven areas and holes with a small filling knife. Allow to dry and then sand the painted surfaces. When you’re done, spackle and sand again, but this time you’ll also spackle varnished knots. Then wipe the surfaces clean with a microfiber cloth and mask against the wall with masking tape.

    Måla med Kvistlack i trappa
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    If you need to use the stairs when painting or during the drying period, paint every second step. Mark the steps that should not be painted, e.g. with a cross of masking tape, so it will be easy to keep track.

    Märk trappstegen du inte ska måla

    Now it’s time to paint the stairs! Start with a small brush and paint along the edges of each step. Then paint the large areas with a mini roller.

    Paint the sides and all the inserts with a brush – we recommend to use an angled paintbrush and a short angled brush. Let dry and then paint another layer.

    Once the paint has dried, you can wipe the floor and enjoy your beautiful new staircase.

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