Renovate stairs – tips that make a difference

Renovating your indoor stairs is literally about taking the work step by step. We’ve give you the tips that carry you all the way from the bottom up.

  1. Avoid sanding dust

    The first step is to sand your staircase to give it a good surface for the paint to adhere to. When the surface is sanded, dust occurs. A smart alternative is to use a hand sanding support with suction. It connects to the vacuum cleaner when you’re sanding, so you don’t have dust flying around.

  2. Small and efficient

    A mini roller is a perfect tool for painting stairs. Anza’s Filt mini roller has very good capacity and coverage, and is suitable for painting indoor woodwork.

  3. Paint every other step

    If the stairs need to be used during the stair painting, put a tape mark on the steps that are not to be painted. When you have painted every second step and the paint has dried, move the markings and paint the rest of the stairs.

    In our article Painting a staircase, we show, step by step, how to paint a staircase in a way that makes the result last.