Paint with distemper/red paint – Five smart tips

Don’t be in a hurry when painting your facade with emulsion paint – it’s easy to make mistakes and be disappointed with the result. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

  1. Start with cleaning

    Clean the wooden surface thoroughly before painting. Otherwise, the paint may peel or crack. Brush the wood surface with a wire brush to remove dirt, loose paint and greyed wood. Remove any mould with an algae and mould remover and brush.

  2. Paint thinly

    Apply thin coats and work the paint into the wood. If you paint too thickly, the paint may flake.

  3. Paint smaller areas at a time

    Paint a few boards at a time, from the top down. Paint the entire length. This avoids overlapping effects, which produce darker patches of thicker colour.

  4. Better without touch-up painting

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    Avoid touch-up painting on, for example, nail heads. This can make the facade appear spotty.

  5. The wood should be cool and dry

    Avoid painting on sun-warmed or damp wood. If the sun is on, the colour may crackle. If the wood is damp, it will not absorb the paint and there is also a risk of mould.