Platinum Precision

Best/Platinum, Furniture/interior woodwork, Windows
15 mm 20 mm
If you want to paint details or straight lines on woodwork, windows, doors or furniture, choose Platinum Precision. The brush has a unique triangular shape that makes it easy to paint straight lines freehand, and to reach into corners and paint on detailed small areas. The brush picks up a lot of paint and distributes it evenly for a very nice finish without losing bristles or smudging. The brush also has an extra long handle so you can adjust the grip to what you're painting. Hold the handle closer to the brush head for extreme precision and further back to paint perfectly straight lines.
  • Unique triangular shape for easier detail painting
  • Smart storage box keeps paint wet for up to 72 hours
  • Can be used for all types of paints, varnishes and oils on all surfaces

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Article information
Art no. Width Thickness Visible chest
204415 15 mm
204420 20 mm

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