Five smart painting tools you didn't know about

Brushes, rollers and paint are a prerequisite for painting, but there are also smart tools to complement with. Here are the painting tools that make the job better, faster and easier.

  1. Roller scraper

    Scrape paint off the roller with a roller scraper before rinsing or throwing it out. Then most of the paint comes back to the paint can, while less water is used for cleaning. Simple, and more environmentally friendly. Wash off the last paint in a bucket of water and leave the washing water as hazardous waste at your environmental station.

  2. Paperhanging knife with holster


    A wallpaper knife that is very easy to use because you place it like an iron against the surface. And you can store it in the small case that comes with it.

  3. Tray liners

    With a tray liner, you can use the same paint tray several times. When you change the paint or finish the painting job, you simply change to a new tray insert. That way, you don’t risk getting old paint in the new one and have your tray for the next time it’s time to paint.

  4. Microfiber cloth for sanding tools

    To get a good final result when you paint, it is important to have a clean surface. The microfiber cloth is attached with Velcro to Anza sanding tools and is used wet to clean ceilings and walls before painting and wallpapering, or dry to quickly and easily remove sanding dust. The composition of the pad makes the work easy and friction-free. Can be machine washed at 60°C. Combine with Anza extension handle for extended reach.

  5. Scraper with hammerhead

    Scraping the facade can be a demanding task. Our Scraper with a hammer head has a tungsten carbide blade that reaches right into the edge, as well as a comfortable two-handed grip. Should you come across a nail during your work, you simply drive it in with the hammer head. The scraper is extendable, which allows you to reach much further.