Faster cleaning of wooden facade

Washing a wooden facade is a job that few people enjoy doing. But there is good help available in the form of really effective tools that will save you time and effort. Below, we tell you more about the tools you need to finish faster.

  1. Washing brush

    Gentle on the substrate, our curved wash brush with durable synthetic bristles has a rounded shape that helps you maintain constant contact with the surface, helping you to clean your wood facade more effectively. Don’t forget to attach the brush to an extension handle so you don’t have to stand and balance on the ladder.

    367180 - Washing brush
    Tvättborste 367180 från sidan
  2. Two-hand washing brush

    Our two-handed cleaning brush is the tool to use when you need a little extra help cleaning your facade. The handle allows you to get a really good grip and use both hands for extra power, which is especially useful when you have particularly exposed areas where dirt or algae are harder to remove. The brush can also be attached to our extension handles if you want to clean larger areas faster.

  3. Two-handed scraper

    Cleaning your wooden facade is not everything when preparing your house for painting. If there is any old loose paint, make sure you scrape it off as well. Our two-handed scraper allows you to use both hands for extra power, while sparing your shoulders and back. This will save you both time and effort during the preparation process. The squeegee also has a built-in hammer head and nail puller so you can easily hammer down or pull out nail heads you find on the facade. All to make your work a little smoother!

    Two-handed scraper