Wallpapering – how to, step by step

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A new wallpaper can change the whole room. Here’s step-by-step help on how to wallpaper the right way so you can achieve a result you’ll be happy with – whether you use paper wallpaper or non woven/EasyUp wallpaper.

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Step by Step

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    Prep work
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    Pattern matching
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    Wallpapering corners
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    Wallpapering at windows and doors
  1. 1

    Prep work

    Cover the floor

    Start by cover your floor with rosin paper and masking tape to protect against wallpaper paste. Remove all switches and wall sockets.

    Find the right corner to start in

    Check which of the corners of the room is the least eye-catching. Start or finish wallpapering there. This is especially important if you are using patterned wallpaper.

    Measure out the first wave

    The first layer of wallpaper should overlap the corner by one centimetre. Measure the width of the wallpaper roll with a folding ruler and subtract 1 cm from the width. Then mark the measurement (width of the wallpaper roll – 1 cm) on the wall with a pencil.

    Mät tapetrulle

    Draw a plumb line on the wall

    Walls are rarely perfectly straight. To make sure all the waves are straight, you need to solder the first wave. You can do this by drawing a so-called plumb line on the wall with a pencil and a spirit level.


    Draw only with pencil on the wall. If you use an ink pen, there is a risk that the markings will show through the wallpaper.
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    Now it’s time to move on to the actual wallpapering.

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    Spread glue with roller

    Spread glue on the wall. Use a roller designed for wallpaper glue – you’ll get the right amount of glue on the wall. Make sure the glue covers a little more than the width of the scales. Next to mouldings and in corners, it is easier to use a brush to get more precision.

    Limma tapetlim med roller
    Stryka tapetlim med pensel

    Attach the first wave

    Loosely attach the first wallpaper strip, along the plumb line of the wall. Remember that the wallpaper should overlap the corner by 1 cm.

    fäst tapetvåd

    Smooth the paper with a wallpaper tool

    Apply the wallpaper with a wallpaper tool. Start in the middle and work out towards the edges. Make sure the wallpaper is firmly attached and that there are no blisters. Be sure to press the wallpaper firmly into the corner.

    stryk fast tapetvåd

    Cut the paper with a wallpaper knife

    Cut the wallpaper along the skirting and cornice. Use a wallpaper knife. Make sure the blades are really sharp – otherwise you could tear the wallpaper.

    Skär tapet

    Wipe off glue

    Wipe off glue residue from the wallpaper and mouldings after each wallpaper strip with a wet sponge. Take plenty of water – otherwise the walls may become patchy.

    Tvätta tapet med svamp

    Do the same after each wallpaper stripe.

    The next step is to do any pattern matching, as well as wallpapering in corners and around doors and windows.

  3. 3

    Pattern matching

    Are you using a patterned wallpaper? Then you have to be careful with the pattern fit. Patterned wallpapers require a different working method compared to non-patterned wallpapers. Read more about how to do it in our guide: Pattern matching of wallpaper – how to, step by step.

    Mönsterpassning tapet
  4. 4

    Wallpapering corners

    When wallpapering in corners, a special technique is required. The wallpaper must overlap the corner by 1 cm to ensure that it is stable and does not crack. Therefore, you need to cut the corner joint in two. Read more about how to do it in our guide: Wallpapering corners – step by step.

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    Mönsterpass tapet i hörn
  5. 5

    Wallpapering at windows and doors

    For windows and doors, you need to glue a piece out on the window or door lining. Then pull up the wallpaper and pattern match if necessary.

    Fäst och mönsterpassa tapet vid fönster

    Iron out and cut the wallpaper

    Press the wallpaper with the wallpaper tool and cut it along the lining. Read more about how to do this in our guide:
    Wallpapering around windows – how to, step by step.

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