Tips from the pros - how to oil your outdoor furniture

Take care of your outdoor furniture and have a lovely patio this summer. Our pro painter shares his top three tips for oiling your outdoor furniture.

  1. Tips 1:

    Apply a generous coat of oil to your garden furniture to ensure it penetrates properly. Wait a while and then wipe off the excess oil.

    Tips 2:

    Place a small cap of oil under the chair and table legs of the furniture and leave for at least a day. The wood then absorbs the oil, preventing soil moisture from entering the garden furniture.

    olja utemöbler

    Tips 3:

    Do not oil in bright sunshine. If you do, you risk the oil drying out before it has had time to penetrate the wood properly. You should also avoid late night work, as dew can settle on the surface before it dries.

    Step-by-step guide

    To learn more about oiling garden furniture, see our step-by-step guide here. When it’s time to put your outdoor furniture on display, make sure you give it a fresh treatment to ensure a surface that’s both attractive and weather-resistant.