Wide Filling knife

Are you going to paint or wallpaper a surface that has holes or imperfections? In this case, you need to use a wide filling knife to fill the gap first. Ergonomically designed and held in a paddle grip for optimum control, this rubberized handle has a patented thumb hole to allow you to get an extra good grip on the filling knife without overexerting your hand. Can also be extended using our wide filling knife holder and extension pole for extra reach. When plastering, use two wide filling knifes, a smaller one to fit in the bucket and a wider one for spreading.
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Comfortable handle designed to provide an optimal grip, giving control and reducing hand fatigue
  • Can be used on extension poles with our wide filling knife holder

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Article information
Art no. Size
641150 15 cm
641200 20 cm
641250 25 cm
641350 35 cm
641450 45 cm
641600 60 cm

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