Elite Radiator Brush

Better/Elite, Ceiling, Floor, House, Wall
35 mm 50 mm 70 mm
Are you painting details inside or outside? The Elite Radiator Brush is a great brush to get that little extra reach when painting both indoors and outdoors, such as when painting a facade, wall or ceiling. The brush has an ergonomically designed handle and a unique angle that makes it easier to see the surface when painting, perfect when you need to paint in tight spaces like corners and angles. The angle also helps you gain strength and save on your wrists and arms. The brush gives a very good and even finish and does not release any bristles.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Extendable for increased reach and more ergonomic painting
  • Can be used for all types of paints, varnishes and oils on all surfaces

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Article information
Art no. Width Thickness Visible chest
199335 35 mm 13 mm 43 mm
199350 50 mm 14 mm 49 mm
199370 70 mm 18 mm 62 mm

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