The paint tray of the future – Fill&Carry

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Have you longed for a paint tray for your roller that holds more paint and helps you get more paint in the roller? A paint tray that stands firmly on the floor and is easy to move without splashing? We have longed for that too. That’s why we’ve developed Fill&Carry – a hybrid between a paint tray and a bucket, with advantages that classic paint trays lack.

  1. Smart handle

    Fill&Carry Färgtråg

    Fill&Carry is a roller tray with a stable, fold-up handle that makes it easy to move the tray without splashing. Just grab the handle and go! Fill&Carry also stands more firmly and is easier to push around on the floor compared to classic paint trays, which means you avoid lots of smears and spills when you paint.

  2. 3.3 liters of paint

    For even easier cleaning!

    Use the Fill&Carry Tray insert
    Fill&Carry rollertråg

    The Fill&Carry paint tray also holds a full 3.3 liters of paint, so you don’t have to refill with paint as often. Instead, you can focus on the painting and thus work both faster and more smoothly. The roller surface is also removable, which is a big advantage when you need to clean the tray between different projects.

  3. Long roller surface

    Fill&Carry Rullyta

    The long roller surface in the paint tray also makes it easier to get paint around the entire roller in a single stroke. Then you don’t have to dip as often, while you get more paint in the roller, which reduces the risk of a patchy result.

  4. Time to start painting?

    Are you about to start painting but not sure how to get the best end result? We have several guides from our painters to help you with your project and what tools you need. See, for example, how to paint a wall, floor or ceiling in the guides below: