Fill&Carry Paint Tray 3,3 litres

Ceiling, Floor, Terrace, Wall
Are you painting large areas and don't want to have to refill the paint tray frequently? Our Fill & Carry paint tray is a hybrid between a tray and a bucket and takes a lot of paint, has a long rolling surface and stands firmly on the surface so you don't spill or smudge. With a larger tray, you'll have room for more paint so you don't have to refill as often, while making sure you get plenty of paint in your roller to minimise the risk of a patchy result. Use with a tray inlay.
  • Holds 3.3 litres of paint, so you don't have to refill so often
  • Long roller surface that helps to work the paint into the roller
  • The roller surface is easy to click off and clean, and also acts as a handle to move the tray around easily

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Article information
Art no. Width Size Pile length
622900 323 x 112 x 457 mm

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