Matt or glossy paint – think about this

Matt or gloss paint is a common consideration when painting in the home. We’ve got the tips for you if you’re having trouble deciding.

  1. målar vägg med roller

    Choosing matt or glossy paint is of course a matter of taste.

    But there are also practical factors to consider when painting different surfaces. Matt has been trendy for some time, provides a pleasant finish and does not reflect as much light as a glossy version. A common choice in bedrooms and living rooms.
    To get a really good and smooth finish, you should paint with a roller with a short stroke that does not give texture. Anza’s Titex roller for medium-fine surfacesis a suitable choice that will give the wall a velvety feel. Keep in mind that if the wall already has a roller structure, it will remain no matter which roller you choose. If you want to remove the existing structure of the wall, we recommend that you first spackle the entire wall.

    Choose the right color shade for your surface

    Glossy paint gives more reflections from the light, but has the advantage that it is easier to wipe off and keep clean. In the hallway or kitchen, for example, glossy or semi-matt paint is therefore a practical choice.

    Brush on painting bucket

    Having trouble deciding? Paint both matt and glossy

    Use tape to divide the surfaces and paint the different surfaces with glossy or matte paint to get a different effect.

    So what do the different gloss levels on the paint buckets mean?

    The gloss scale is as follows:
    1-5 full matt paint
    6-10 matt paint
    11-30 semi-matt paint
    31-60 semi-gloss paint
    61-90 glossy paint
    90-100 high gloss paint