Elite Round Brush

Better/Elite, Windows
15 mm 20 mm 25 mm 30 mm
Are you painting windows, glazing bars or profiles? The round shape of the Elite Round Brush ensures that the brush applies paint evenly no matter what shape is being painted. This way you get an even application of paint regardless of the surface. The brush gives a very fine finish and does not leave any bristles. Choose a brush size adapted to the surface you will be painting on.
  • Applies paint evenly regardless of the shape of the surface
  • Combined brush rest and can hanger to easy put the brush away when taking a break
  • Can be used for all types of paints, varnishes and oils on all surfaces

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Article information
Art no. Width Thickness Visible chest
224312 15 mm 43 mm
224320 20 mm 43 mm
224325 25 mm 43 mm
224330 30 mm 43 mm

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