Sustainability for the future

Sustainability is a priority strategic area for Anza and we are working long-term to develop packaging, products, production and corporate culture in a more sustainable direction. We have therefore set the following sustainability goals for the period up to 2025:


  • Use less and only recyclable packaging materials.
  • Only use recycled or FSC® certified (FSC-C108031) cardboard and more recycled plastic.
Production - rollers


  • Reduce CO2 emissions from production by 40%.
  • Ensure that all suppliers comply with Orkla House Care’s ethical guidelines and conduct annual sustainability audits of our largest suppliers.
  • Reduce waste from manufacturing.


  • We strive for 0% environmentally harmful chemicals in production.
  • Use more recycled and reused plastics in products.
  • Inform users about the most sustainable recycling methods for our products.
Lacquer brushes lying on a wooden table
Production - employees


  • Have clear sustainability goals for all departments.
  • Make sure everyone in the organisation is aware of our sustainability strategy.
  • Ensure that all points in the Orkla Human Rights Assessment are followed.

One of our priority projects has been to work with the research institute RISE to find the most sustainable way for consumers to dispose of our painting tools – a challenge as the products are often full of paint after use.

Learn more about how to take care of your brush in a sustainable way after use
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